From good food to a good read:
your quality break is rich in culture

At Il Mercato del Duomo, you will find everything you need to relax
among the fragrances of tradition and the pages of your favourite book,
in Italy’s largest Feltrinelli bookshop

Come to the Feltrinelli bookshop at Il Mercato del Duomo.
It is a modern agora, dedicated to culture lovers.

70,000 books, 18,000 CDs, 8,000 films, 5,000 sheet music titles,
stationery, gift ideas and an interactive play area for children.

You will find all this and more at the Feltrinelli mega store, 2,500 square meters, right in the centre of Milan, where you can indulge in a break, read, study, meet some friends.

Come and visit us, experience the competence of our staff,
who will be happy to guide through the many services dedicated to you, and let our passion rub off on you.

We are waiting for you at the Feltrinelli Duomo bookshop,
with everything you love from innovation to culture.